Top 8 lesser-known sports to explore and why

BBrandon October 19, 2023 7:16 AM

Have you ever felt bored with your usual exercise routine and yearned for something different, something exciting, and something less mainstream? You're not alone! Many fitness enthusiasts are on the lookout for new, uncommon sports to spice up their workout regime and break the monotony. Here are the top 8 lesser-known sports to consider, along with their unique benefits for your physical and mental health.

Exploring new sports

1. Bossaball

Bossaball is a sport that combines elements of volleyball, football, gymnastics, and even capoeira. Originating from Spain, this sport is played on an inflatable court with integrated trampolines. Talk about a fun, high-energy workout!

Benefits: Enhances cardiovascular fitness, improves agility and coordination, and boosts mood.

2. Underwater Hockey

Also known as 'Octopush,' Underwater Hockey is a globally played limited-contact sport. It involves two teams trying to push a puck across the floor of a swimming pool into the opposing team's goal.

Benefits: Strengthens lungs and improves breath control, boosts cardiovascular health, and enhances teamwork skills.

3. Sepak Takraw

Originally from Southeast Asia, Sepak Takraw is similar to volleyball but allows players to use their feet, head, knees, and chest to touch the ball. It's a physically demanding sport that requires flexibility and agility.

Benefits: Enhances strength and flexibility, improves agility, and fosters teamwork.

4. Chess Boxing

Yes, you read it right! Chess Boxing is a hybrid sport that combines the physical demands of boxing with the mental challenge of chess. Participants alternate between rounds of chess and boxing.

Benefits: Improves physical fitness and enhances cognitive function.

5. Wiffle Ball

A variation of baseball, Wiffle Ball is played with a lightweight, perforated plastic ball and a long, thin plastic bat. It's easier for beginners and safer than traditional baseball.

Benefits: Enhances hand-eye coordination, promotes cardiovascular fitness, and strengthens muscles.

6. Pickleball

A blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, Pickleball is a paddle sport that can be played on a badminton-sized court. It requires agility and endurance.

Benefits: Enhances cardiovascular health, improves agility and strength, and promotes social interaction.

7. Spikeball

Spikeball is a team sport played by two teams of two players each. The objective is to hit a ball onto a small trampoline-like net so that the opposing team can't return it.

Benefits: Enhances coordination, agility, and cardiovascular fitness, and promotes teamwork.

8. Bouldering

An offshoot of rock climbing, Bouldering involves climbing low-height rocks or artificial climbing walls, without ropes or harnesses. It's physically and mentally challenging.

Benefits: Enhances strength and flexibility, improves problem-solving skills, and boosts self-confidence.

Trying out these sports can provide a refreshing change from traditional fitness routines, and they bring an array of health benefits. So why not give them a go?

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