Sustainable Fitness: 5 Eco-Friendly Workout Trends to Watch

CCarson September 14, 2023 9:17 AM

In the quest for physical fitness and wellbeing, it's easy to overlook the impact our workout routines might have on the environment. But with the rising tide of sustainable living, a new wave of eco-friendly fitness trends is emerging. Trends that not only prioritize our health but also the health of our planet. Here are five of these trends that are worth watching.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms, often featuring equipment made from recycled materials, are sprouting up in parks and public spaces worldwide. They harness the power of nature (wind, solar, and human energy) to function, eliminating the need for electricity. Not to mention, working out in the fresh air has plenty of health benefits too.

Eco-Friendly Fitness apps

There are a number of fitness apps, such as Earthmiles, that reward users for being active. The rewards are points that can be exchanged for eco-friendly products, promoting a greener lifestyle.

Sustainable Workout Gear and Equipment

Companies are increasingly creating sustainable workout gear and equipment from recycled or natural materials. Brands like Adidas have even launched shoes made from ocean plastic, and Manduka offers yoga mats made from sustainably harvested rubber.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual fitness classes have surged in popularity, especially since the onset of the global pandemic. These classes, which can be followed from home, save on the energy used for gym lights, air conditioning, and even the fuel for your commute.

Plant-Based Protein Powders

More and more fitness enthusiasts are turning to plant-based protein powders. These powders are not only good for our bodies but also have a much lower environmental impact than their animal-based counterparts.

Eco-Friendly Workout Trend Benefits
Outdoor Gyms Utilizes natural power sources, encourages outdoor activity
Eco-friendly fitness apps Promotes active lifestyle and rewards with eco-friendly products
Sustainable workout gear and equipment Reduces reliance on non-renewable materials
Virtual fitness classes Reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions
Plant-based protein powders Better for the environment and personal health

With these sustainable fitness trends gaining popularity, it's easier than ever to keep fit while caring for the planet. Remember, it's not just about being in good shape, it's about shaping a good world for future generations.

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