The 7 Best Virtual Fitness Challenges for Remote Enthusiasts

BBrandon September 16, 2023 7:46 PM

The world is rapidly adjusting to a remote lifestyle, and fitness enthusiasts aren't left out. With the ongoing evolution of technology, you can now keep up with your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home or while working remotely. Welcome to our guide to the seven best virtual fitness challenges that will keep you motivated, fit, and healthy.

What is a Virtual Fitness Challenge?

For those unfamiliar, a Virtual Fitness Challenge is a competition or goal-setting program designed to motivate individuals to stay active. It allows participants to compete against themselves or others, regardless of their geographical location. They can track their progress online or through smartphone apps, making them ideal for remote workers or those preferring home workouts.

Benefits of Virtual Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges at home come with numerous benefits. They provide motivation to reach personal goals, improve health, and promote weight loss. They're also a fun way to engage with others online, fostering a sense of community and healthy competition.

The 7 Best Virtual Fitness Challenges

Below are the seven best virtual fitness challenges that every remote enthusiast should consider:

  1. My Virtual Mission: This app allows you to set your personal fitness goals, then chart your progress on a virtual journey. As you complete your workouts, you'll see your avatar moving along your chosen route.

  2. RunBet: RunBet is a running challenge app that allows you to bet on yourself. You set your running goals and place a bet. If you meet your goals, you'll get your money back and possibly win more.

  3. Nike Training Club: This app offers a range of workouts from yoga to high-intensity training, making it a versatile fitness challenge for all levels.

  4. Peloton App: Even without the bike, the Peloton app provides a variety of workout classes, from cycling to strength training and yoga.

  5. Strava: Known for its cycling and running tracking, Strava offers challenges that can help you push your limits and stay motivated.

  6. Fitbit Challenges: If you own a Fitbit, you can take part in the numerous challenges the app offers, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

  7. Darebee: Darebee offers free, illustrated workout challenges that you can do at any time, anywhere. No equipment needed.

Choosing the Right Challenge for You

When deciding on the best virtual fitness challenge, consider your personal goals, current fitness level, and preferred type of workout. Each challenge offers different features, so choose one that best aligns with your needs.

In conclusion, virtual fitness challenges offer an engaging and motivating way to stay active, especially for remote enthusiasts. So why wait?

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