Best eco-friendly gym practices: top 5 guide

CCarson September 2, 2023 9:51 PM

With the increasing awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment, there's a growing trend toward sustainable living. This doesn't stop at the gym doors. In fact, the fitness industry has many opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint through a variety of eco-friendly practices. Here are our top five guides on how to make your gym more sustainable.

1. Energy saving

One major area where gyms can become more eco-friendly is in their use of energy. There are several ways to achieve this, from installing energy-efficient lighting to using equipment that generates its own power. For instance, some treadmills are designed to harness the energy from your workout and feed it back into the grid. Similarly, keeping the gym temperature a few degrees lower can save a significant amount of energy over time.

Here's how you can save energy in the gym:

  • Use energy-efficient lighting
  • Invest in self-powered gym equipment
  • Keep temperatures a few degrees lower

2. Recycle and use recycled equipment

Recycling is another key way to make a gym more eco-friendly. This can take many forms, from recycling waste produced in the gym to purchasing equipment made from recycled materials. There are now many companies producing high-quality fitness equipment from recycled materials, providing an excellent opportunity to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

3. Water usage

Gyms, particularly those with pools and showers, can use a significant amount of water. By installing low-flow showerheads and taps, and encouraging members to take shorter showers, gyms can greatly reduce their water usage. Furthermore, regularly checking for and fixing leaks can also save a significant amount of water.

4. Natural cleaning products

Many gyms use harsh chemicals to clean their facilities and equipment. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment and can also cause allergies or health issues for gym users. By switching to natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, gyms can reduce their environmental impact while also improving the health of their members.

5. Waste management

Proper waste management is crucial for any eco-friendly gym. This includes recycling wherever possible and reducing the amount of waste produced. For example, gyms can offer reusable towels rather than disposable ones, and provide recycling bins for water bottles. Additionally, composting organic waste can also contribute to a more sustainable gym.

By following these top 5 best eco-friendly gym practices, you can make a significant contribution to reducing your gym's environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the fitness industry. Whether you're a gym owner looking to make improvements, or a gym-goer wanting to support environmentally friendly gyms, these tips can help you make a difference.

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